...print worx

In the past couple of years I did some magazines from cover to cover. This included layout, cover art, illustrations, photo editing and several other small little deeds one might not suspect - all in the line of duty.

Print work is not limited to classical print media. It expands into large format designs to hide scaffolding as well as classic add boards.

Design / Photo Editing / Layout / Pre Press Production / Large Format Print / Add Boards / Posters / Backlight Displays


...vector worx

Right from the start of my professional career I have been working with various vector oriented applications. In the beginning it was FreeHand which switched over to Illustrator and some other little useful tools (wacom board oriented). Here are just a few things that were created with those tools.

At the beginning it always starts out with paper and a pencil...

Corporate Identity / Logos / Illustrations / Toons


...web worx

We spend a great deal of time in virtual spaces. These areas need construction, decoration and editing...that's the job for designers, web-developers and creative minds.

Aside from the developing side hosting, security and hardware related questions are always met to finish the job. What's to be expected:

Xhtml / CSS / PHP / JavaScript / ActionScript / Animation / 3D


...event worx

People tend to gather for meetings, conferences, trade fairs or just any kind of event to learn about new things, to exchange knowledge or just plainly to meet new people.

For a couple of years I’ve been involved with the conceptual-, design- and setup phase for various events. Each posed new challenges like:

Concept / Design / 3D Visuals / Video Installations / Print Design / Large Format Prints / Various kinds of displays


...3D worx

It all started in 1999...”doh” - no...it originated again with a pencil and the urge to get away from flat pieces of paper. The real challenge is not just the creation but the usage with all different kinds of media.

This subject is - like always - a constant construction site. To stop learning is not adviceable...so this is just a start:

Design / Character Design / 3D / Tecture / Animation / Video / Post Production Effects / Authoring