Print Projects - “it’s not just zines!”

For a couple of years we are able to perform print jobs on surfaces we wouldn’t have thought about a decade ago. From the classics like broshures, flyers, posters and magazines a lot happend in the large format area (halftones, materials, uv-canny and waterresistent ink).

For me it all started with print, although it happend with technical visualizations and floorplans. Stuff I do:

CI / Magazines / Posters / Large Format (really large) / etc.


Vectors - about toons, veggies...

Aside from pencil and paper I think vector oriented art is the basic for every project. The possibilities are almost endless (depending on the artboard) and the results are often striking by their mere simplicity.

The ultimate challenge for me is to recreate objects with vectors without the help of pixeloriented applications (how close can one get to the real picture). Well and the fun factor.

Cartoons / Logos / Objects for print, web and video


Events - 3 is a crowd....

Life is all about being around other people. Considering that we spend a great deal of our time “on the job” conferences and conventions are likely events to get together.

I’ve been handling such events from the background. Coming up with solutions to various tasks (banners, all sorts of print media, large format displays, background walls and systems, general concepts).

Worldwide / Events / Trade shows / Conferences / Conventions


Web - the real window to......

Our habits have drawn mankind always towards the use of technology. What was achieved by telegraph, then the telephone some decades ago is covered by the world wide web today. The use of the “internet” has become a fixture in our daily entity.

Creative minds are required to play hand-in-hand to create such pools of information - well more like designers try to smooth the experince.

Design / Xhtml / CSS / PHP / Flash / Scripting


3D - a dimensional approach...

I've been playing around with 3D since 1999 (yes Shrek's to blame). Either to enhance certain parts of my projects or to build impressions of situations.

The third dimension - a logic adventure for people that are attracted by vectors (it’s just grid of parallels and meridians)...well and fur and and and...

3DS Max / After Effects / Autodesk / Pencil!!!


...worth spreading...

We have to replace beauty, which is a cultural concept, with goodness, which is a humanist concept.- P. Starck
People often say I`m a child at heart. In fact, I think I just have access to my childhood, I have a very clear memory of it. We were all children once. We just need to show a bit of respect for it.- some director ;-)

What I can do...


Go ahead and have a look at some of the stuff I did. I am always up for new challenges and will try to come up with some good ideas as well.


This site has been constructed with a pencil - then in vector - before it went to the shop.

How to get in touch...


...with me. Well either you use the means mentioned below or get creative (should you choose courierpidgeon, please choose wisely ;-) ).

[HINT: there are different kinds of pidgeon - depends on your region]

mobile: +43 664 546 26 11
skype: floatworx